Childproofing Your Kitchen

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Your kitchen can be a very dangerous place for your child if it isn’t properly baby proofed. Here are some important tips you should follow to prevent kitchen accidents.

1. Use outlet plugs. This is must. These handy little plastic covers plug right into your wall sockets. It’s important to get the best possible plugs available since those little fingers can get quite good at pulling out the cheap ones.

2. Lock cabinet doors – I couldn’t live without the latches that keep drawers and cupboard doors closed. They’re easy to get into for adults, but impossible for little hands to open.

3. Keep cleaning supplies away. Even if you use latches on your cupboard doors, it’s better to be safe than sorry and keep your cleaning products out of your child’s reach. I keep mine in the cupboard above the sink.

4. Use oven and fridge latches. It’s amazing how easily your little one can open the fridge and oven doors. Without me knowing it, my daughter had snuck into the fridge and taken an entire carton of eggs out, then broke them all over the basement. I’ve had a latch on my fridge ever since!

5. Common sense. Regularly sweet and mop your kitchen floors, and keep the counters clear of things like sharp knives or heavy appliances that can be pulled off.

I’ve used quite a few different child proofing products, and I’ve found that Safety 1st is one of the best and least expensive.